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Stop by our booth or our Summit Tipoff Event to learn how we've used the 5 Star Experience Management Model to help clients like JLL launch several sites across multiple regions. So far, it allowed teams internally to seamlessly orchestrate Adobe technology, while maintaining consistent branding and messaging in five languages.

You can also download our 5 Star Experience Management white paper here.

Our Experience Management practice lead developed the 5 Star Experience Management Maturity Model to help marketers and eCommerce leads compete and win in the trillion dollar digital economy. The model is the solution to standing out in the space crowded with tons of players all vying for consumers’ and B2B buyers’ attention. The single most important rule? Offer relevant customer experiences and develop an online and in-store strategy that meets customers’ unique needs at every moment by holding your assets true to these 5 principles: 

  • Intentional     
  • Consistent      
  • Measurable    
  • Valuable          
  • Personal          

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